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Furrh And Associates

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Are you searching for a first rate experienced accountant? Look no further than the trusted and highly experienced accounting professionals at Furrh And Associates. Our accountants have been serving clients for more than 20 years. Our knowledgeable team of Certified Public Accountants is dedicated to client satisfaction and to handling your financial affairs with honesty and integrity.

Services offered by Certified Public Accountants: Accounting | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Small Business Accounting | Tax Preparation | Auditing

Furrh And Associates offer Accounting & Tax Services across Irving, Euless, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Grand Prairie, North Texas, and Lawton, Duncan, Altus, Chickasha, Southwest Oklahoma.

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About Furrh And Associates

Accountants in Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas

For a quick response from an experienced accountant, you can depend on Furrh And Associates for all your accounting needs.


  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Auditing

Our Certified Public Accountants believe in being accessible to our clients, and we offer phone consultations and year-round service to better serve your interests.

Whether you're a small business owner, a manager at a mid-sized corporation, or a self-employed freelancer, the team at Furrh And Associates is at your service. We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to keep your finances in check.

Our team of professional accountants remove the burden of tedious payroll tasks from your staff and ensures that even the most minute of details are attended to.

At Furrh And Associates, we offer a variety of small business accounting services to local ventures in Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas.

Our highly experienced team of tax preparers provide a quick turnaround when it comes to filing your taxes.

Our rigorous and detailed driven approach ensures our clients receive thorough and accurate accounting of their financial situation in order to stay compliant with federal and state requirements.



  • Testimonials

    Julie Robinson has done our payroll and taxes for the past four years. She has been reliable, fast, and always available to answer questions. She is an outstanding professional that has always been dependable.

  • Testimonials

    I have used Kimberly for 14+ years, I honestly cant remember when I started using her. I recently decided to start using a firm that was right around the corner from my home thinking the convenience would be nice. Very quickly I found out that was a huge mistake and that Kimberly and her office staff have always taken care of me and my company so well that no one could compare. Needless to say I very quickly switched back to the firm that I knew I could trust with my taxes. When I left Kimberly's office it was solely due to the fact that I had to drive an hour from work if there was ever a time anything needed to be signed and frankly I am a hand holder. Needless to say that hour drive is well worth it for the quality you receive from her firm knowing you are in good hands.

  • Testimonials

    I highly recommend Furrh associates! I went for information on taxes and real estate, and I left with more knowledge than help than anticipated. I have definitely found a new place for my tax needs. Thank you again.




Our accountants offer telephone consultations and are always available to reply to your inquiries. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted accountants.

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